Our team of professionals provide the know-how available to our customers

Keeping oneself at the cutting edge of technological innovation leads to constant updating activities. This is why COMASA has always invested in staff training.

For the same reason, we put our know-how at the disposal of our customers, offering training services intended to operators, technicians, supervisors and any other person involved in the use of our equipment.

Training can take place either at COMASA or at the customer's office.

By means of this innovative service, COMASA aims at enhancing the customer's management quality and use of the equipment, moving a step forward and devoting ourselves to providing a global service.

Training service is in charge of professionals who specialize in each field, and they will be carefully chosen depending on the customer’s decision as regards the kind of training, staff to be trained and issues to be covered.

For more information about our training service, write to or call 54 11 5436 6500.