We are a company which specializes in manufacturing Production and Development equipments for the Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic industry.

Coming from an Italian origin family, COMASA was born in 1993 and from then on, it has grown steadily, having experienced an exponential growth since the year 2004 when the new production Plant "El Talar" allowed for its expansion thanks to the technological update of the productive processes, and turning COMASA into a leader in the region. 

Focused on a steady improvement schedule, COMASA's growth and development continues on a daily basis, being committed to provide the customer with solutions that meet their needs as well as support and counselling aiming at reaching success in their projects.

Our equipment is manufactured under GMP guidelines, complying with CE, ATEX, ASME, PET, 21CFR part 11 standards, together with all the documentations needed for further validation.

As a result of this production and quality management, we offer the market highly competitive products which allow COMASA's presence in 36 countries across the 5 continents.

COMASA belongs to multidisciplinary PAT Group


Social commitment

Our company supports industries and universities with counselling, training and use of galenic development equipment without any cost or purchasing obligation. The equipments are available in our showrooms in Argentina and Spain.

The facilities (Training Room, Bar and Restaurant) at the company contribute to the development of activities for professional people.

We believe that our growth has been possible thanks to our customers and friends, and to their own growth as well, which builds a gratitude commitment with the future Latin American professionals and whoever believes in this steady progress career.

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