Turbo Mixer Granulator



    These tablets are gaining popularity within the food industry, with the objective of presenting the advantages of powdered products.

    Some of the advantages include:

    - Ease of consumption.
    - Simplicity of dosing.
    - Broader acceptance (through marketing)
    - Immediate and prolonged effects.

    The tablet is obtained from a mixture of powders, which are compressed in a tablet press. Unfortunately, not all formulations are directly compressible, so an additional process is sometimes added before compression - powder granulation (see page 13) in order to obtain compressible granules.


  • PC with colour Touch-panel screen.
  • Smart raw material ID.
  • Smart operator ID.
  • Process editing system for each product.
  • Vacuum filling system.
  • Agglutination injector vessel.
  • Peristaltic pump with volume control.
  • Automatic cut-off by means off torque measurement.
  • Curve tracing.
  • Printed reports.
  • Remote on-line help.
  • Automatic cleaning system.
  • Electrical system in accordance with ATEX rules.
  • IN WALL/recessed installation.
  • Manufactured according to GMP guidelines.
  • Software in accordance with FDA 21 CFR part 11.
  • FAT/SAT validation documents.

  • The MIC machines carry out this process in the pharmaceutical area, because the final products are mostly tablets.
    The trend of gradually aligning food regulations with pharmaceutical regulations positions this technology as the most suitable for professionals in the sector.

    The most common products are:
    – Sweeteners.
    – Sweets and candies.
    – Nutritional supplements.

    The compression is carried out using Kompressor Machines, manufactured by WYNKA S.A. under strict FDA standards.
    Our capacity to supply “Turnkey” products, including Product Development on a pharmaceutical scale, carried out by professionals in our lab, ECOVIDA S.A. positions our group of companies as leaders in technological development and innovation.



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