Turbo Mixer Emulsifier Compact

    Turbo Mixer Emulsifier Compact



    The VERSATO Developer was designed for the development of new, or small batches of product. The quality of the product may be reproduced using the production version of the VERSATO equipment, due to their Geometric, Kinematic and Dynamic similarity.

    It is ideal for the manufacture of creams and gels, achieving very short mixing and emulsifying times.


  • Pneumatic discharge.
  • Double jacket (heating/cooling)
  • Independent electronic speed regulator.
  • Automatic temperature control, programmable vacuum and pH system,with evolution graphs.
  • Hydraulic positioning system for mixers and container lifting/turning.
  • Modem assistance.
  • Online pH control (CAPH)
  • Built according to GMP guidelines.
  • Validation Documentation.


    – Mixing counter-rotating system composed by an anchor, copying the container geometry, with Teflon scrapers and a central mixer, both with 45º inclinated paddles.
    – Emulsifying turbine, stator rotor, of open cage, with high shear power, to perform different functions of Homogenization – Emulsion – Gelification – Lump – free Process – Solubilization, etc.
    – Manual disassembling modules for easy cleaning.
    – “Free of bolts” exclusive system in Teflon scrapers.
    – Hydraulic System for elevation and tilting of the bowl.


    – Double jacket (heating-cooling / insulation)
    – Independent speed electronic variation.
    – Vacuum and temperature automatic control, with evolution graphics.
    – Remote support by modem or IP.
    – PH online control system (CAPH)
    – Capacity from 25 up to 2.000 effective litres.
    – Designed and manufactured according cGMP guidelines.
    – FAT – SAT – Validity documents.






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