Tumbling Blenders

    Tumbling Blenders



    MPY is a tumble blender, whose rectangular section and geometry, add shear capacity and improve the mixing convection pattern, which together with the high rotational speed, achieve the correct uniformity of the components even in cohesive powder mixtures. This is possible with much larger loads than normal - 80% load, rather than the more normal 66% and in optimal time.


  • Siemens PLC, with colour touch-screen panel.
  • System programming, according to product.
  • Curve plotting.
  • Printed reports.
  • Automatic container-lifting system.
  • Built according to GMP guidelines.
  • Automatic vacuum loading system.
  • Automatic container washing system.
  • Automatic container drying system.
  • Printed reports.
  • IP remote assistance.
  • Electrical system according to ATEX rules.
  • Installation according IN WALL design concept.
  • Software in compliance with Regulation 21 CFR part 11.
  • FAT/SAT Validation Documentation.
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