Instant Soups

    Turbo Mixer Granulator



    The consumer can use instant stock to prepare soup, stock and/or to season other dishes.
    Usually this stock comes in tablet form, "stock cubes" with an approximate weight of 10 grams each tablet, but they also come in the form of powder.

    The most popular flavours vary according to country, lifestyle and sometimes, even season. The most common flavours are:
    - Chicken and meat (Europe and America)
    - Lamb (Africa and Asian countries)
    - Fish (Asia)

    The formulas of these products are governed by the laws of each country and may include natural extracts or not.

    The main characteristics that define the quality of the product are:
    - Stability of aroma and flavour during 15 minutes of cooking.
    - Flavour identification
    - The exact flavour of the food (chicken, fish, etc.)
    - The seasoned flavour, usually adjusted according to the taste of each country and lifestyle.


  • PC with colour Touch-panel screen.
  • Smart raw material ID.
  • Smart operator ID.
  • Process editing system for each product.
  • Vacuum filling system.
  • Agglutination injector vessel.
  • Peristaltic pump with volume control.
  • Automatic cut-off by means off torque measurement.
  • Curve tracing.
  • Printed reports.
  • Remote on-line help.
  • Automatic cleaning system.
  • Electrical system in accordance with ATEX rules.
  • IN WALL/recessed installation.
  • Manufactured according to GMP guidelines.
  • Software in accordance with FDA 21 CFR part 11.
  • FAT/SAT validation documents.
  • Comprehensive MIC systems are used throughout the pharmaceutical industry.

    They ensure excellent homogeneity and dispersion of small percentages within large volumes and allow instant addition of solid fats and oils to the powder. These are essential conditions for the
    manufacture of instant stock and powdered soup.

    The following advantages are also the result of the side-chopper use:
    – Homogenisation of the size of the raw materials to be mixed.
    – Instant incorporation of oils into the powder.
    – Instant incorporation of solid fats into the powder.
    – “Lump-free” finished product.
    – “Granulated” finished product, ready for compaction.




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